Guided tours in French and English in the Canadian Rockies
Tours guidés en Français et en Anglais dans les Rocheuses Canadiennes

I was born in Chamonix in the French Alps but spent my childhood and teens in Brussels, Belgium. After I graduated from school and two years studying in Northern France in Lille, I made the most of European inter-university mobility programs and spent a year in the enchanting city of Dublin, Ireland, then back to Lille where I obtained a Bachelor Degree of English.

Meandering trails and an opportunity in a business school had me move to gorgeous Aix-en-Provence, France. I studied Tourism Management, combined with countless opportunities to enjoy the very charming qualities of life in Provence. I then moved to Lyon, France with my newly acquired Tourism Management degree, to start working in the events management industry.

An unexpected chain of events resulted in my arrival in the dynamic and beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, mid 2005. I knew no-one in Canada. I clearly remember my first evening in Vancouver, alone, a backpack on my shoulders, a suitcase by my side, a temporary work permit in hand. The future was entirely open! A couple of months later, I visited Banff, AB, famous for its Film Festival World Tour and namesake National Park.

My competence in three foreign languages, an ability to work with the public, my experience of mountain towns and a capacity to learn fast made me the right candidate for a job as an Information Counselor at the Banff Information Centre. I knew nothing about Banff but was eager to discover the area. Within a few weeks I had absorbed enough about it to deliver proper recommendations to visitors. I had no trouble meeting locals, found a place to live, bought a ski pass and a winter coat; I was all set for my first winter here!

I renewed my work permit after years 1 and 2, applied to become a Permanent Resident, worked several jobs in the Tourism Industry in Banff until 2010, when I reconnected with Incentive Travel, became an IGA* accredited Tour Guide, worked as an interpreter for Parks Canada and finally started working Freelance seasonally. During the winter, I work as a Transport Coordinator and Guest Services Agent at the Calgary Airport.

I have since become Canadian and expanded my expertise to Tour Directing and Guiding in both languages in other Parks of the Canadian West, as well as in other cities of Alberta and British Columbia.

*IGA = Interpretive Guides Association